Concrete pump is how it works, what works? A motor or diesel engine driven hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve control through various hydraulic cylinders work to achieve concrete pumping. Simply put: there are two concrete delivery pump cylinder, valve or swing through the gate valve cylinder to switch, it is always a cylinder attached to the hopper, a cylinder attached to the tubing. Two delivery cylinder smoking a push back and forth to work out concrete delivery. Two delivery cylinder inside the piston rod connected by a flange and two, respectively, and transfer pump master cylinder piston. Two master cylinder piston is the flow from the high pressure pump to drive back and forth movement of the hydraulic oil. High pressure pump pressure, so concrete can be pumped to a high long distances. Advantages and disadvantages of concrete pump Today explained conditioning pressure concrete pump system as follows: 1. Use wooden stirring blade was stuck, Mini portable concrete mixer price the pressure switch and tighten all plugs conditioning, conditioning manual valve handle at superimposed really a pressure relief valve non-conditioning screw observe stirred gauge value, will be gradually adjusted to the pressure 11mpa When the pressure gradually loosen the plug conditioning relay, when stirring blades reversed, suspended conditioning pressure switch. 2. Disconnect the pressure switch plug, the new card dead leaves, conditioning conditioning relief lever to the handle end of the non-stirred pressure conditioning 12mpa lock lever. 3. Remove the wooden, the pressure switch installed. 4. The stirring time relay KT3 counter inner cabinet set at 2-3 seconds. 5. stirring motor idling when stirred pressure between 2.5-5mpa. Advantages and disadvantages of concrete pump Formed concrete pump main system pressure loss of reasons: 1. The main pump wear tight formed in vent; 2. The relief valve failure is always in overflow status; 3. The main hydraulic valve on the main pump to pump hydraulic oil indirectly back into the tank; The main oil pump pressure constant power valve is too small mediation or conciliation spring force. The fault is due to the main pump constant power valve spring break caused by view spring break, the invention which is formed by rust corrupt fracture, thus determining the hydraulic oil contains a small amount of water. Concrete pump vane pump with a flow average, running stable, low noise, long life, surface dimensions smaller more compact structure and other benefits, but there are also self-priming to poor, small speed category lower maximum speed, blade easily killed, solid matter is poor, structure is relatively large, relatively sensitive to oil purification and other defects. Thus in the case of the more things pickled Za, use an absolute rate of change is less visible on larger machines. In the high reliability of the request central thing, such as on an airplane, it is rarely used. Vane pump, the high pressure hydraulic system, especially the most used in the machine tool industry. Herein single probation often do variable vane pump pump use, its low additional pressure (6.3MPa), commonly used in the combination of machine tools, machinery and other pressure; double probation vane schwing concrete placing booms pump only do quantitative pump use of its extra pressures up to 14MPa ~ 21MPa, in a variety of machines (especially fine machine) set equipment, furnishings, as injection molding machines, transport loading and unloading machinery and engineering machinery and other pressure systems lost commonly used.

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